Infratech Commercial Electric Patio Heaters

We are happy to partner with Infratech, a leading industry in infrared technology with 50 years of experience! These commercial heaters use an electric infrared heat that warms the objects and people, rather than the air. They are great for outdoor environments and have been used in many commercial settings, like ski resorts and restaurants.

Do you have an outdoor space that you closed down when the cooler months hit? If so, these commercial heaters can be a solution! Don’t keep those outdoor waiting areas or dining areas closed, use them to their fullest. With an Infratech electric heating system, you can increase revenue by inviting more guests to enjoy your outdoor dining areas in comfort – even during cooler months. For properties like resorts, hotels and restaurants, this translates into increased seating opportunities and table turns for diners and guests on patios, terraces, verandas and decks.

Infratech offers a wide range of sizing, colors, controls, and mounting options. Please see below for more details. If you would like a quote, send us renderings of your outdoor location and we can work with you on the best options to heat your outdoor space!

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Flush Mount Heaters

Ceiling Mount Heaters

Pole Mount Heaters

Wall Mount Heaters
Commercial Tables

Flush Mount Heaters

Commercial Chairs

Ceiling & Overhead Mount Heaters

Commercial Barstools

Pole Mount Patio Heaters

Commercial Benches

Wall Mount Heaters

Customizable Patio Heater Colors & Finishes

These heaters come in standard powder coat finishes or you can also choose a custom color to fit your space. 

W/WD Series Standard Colors

Beige Patio Heaters


Bronze Patio Heaters


Soft Seating for Commercial Spaces


Slimline Standard Colors

Customizable Mounting Options

Choose from Flush Mount, Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount, or Pole Mount.

Customizable Control Options

We offer a wide range of control options including Universal Control Packages, Home Management Systems and Simple On/Off Switches. All of our control options are made with convenience and ease of us in mind for flexible use in retail spaces. View our space heater control options below and feel free to email, call or live chat with us (live chat icon on bottom right of your screen) so we can provide you with additional product and pricing information.

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