Airport Furniture RFQ’s – Winning Bids

by | Aug 3, 2018

Winning Bids on Airport Furniture RFQs

Airports are never anyone’s favorite place, but proper airport furniture can make the experience much better! We’ve been getting more requests for quotes (RFQs) from airports recently and winning a fair number of them which is really nice. I’m guessing it’s probably due in part because our prices tend to be lower than the competition. (no offense to our competition we’re just a smaller company so our overhead is lower). But on top of our pricing, I believe we’re getting more business in the airport sector because of our dedicated staff who go the extra distance for our customers. We provide the best options at the best price point and we are responsive at every step along the way.

Our very own Sonia here at Equip has been working diligently on several sizable airport furniture orders recently. Her persistence has definitely paid off with our winning those bids. ?

airport furniture

Barstools in Colorado Springs Airport

Why We are Winning More Bids

A lot of airports are required to go through a formal bidding process when selecting a vendor. Typically, they are required to get 3 quotes. One of our goals is to bid on more of these RFQ’s for airport FFE projects and get on more bid lists to start.

I believe pricing and customer support are key to winning that first order, but delivering a quality product allows us to earn their repeat business. We strive for repeat business and not “one and done” orders, so we focus on promoting furniture from reputable commercial furniture factories. Equip has solid relationships with these vendors and we have gone through the process with them multiple times. We like to work with factories that stand behind their products, and who stand behind us as a dealer. That way, if/when there is ever a bump in the road (things happen), we know they will step up and help us take care of the issue immediately, making it right to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

We don’t want to be the biggest airport Furniture (FFE) supplier around, (we’d have to raise prices to cover that increased overhead), but we’d love to be the supplier that gets the most repeat business and the most referrals. That would be pretty awesome.